MAR 2019

Popies is a mobile and desktop web application of movies to see made with an API (TMDb). With Popies, you can search, find, store the movies that make you want.

Image Popies

The creation of a website

FEB 2019

A website of presentation about "The creation of a website in Web Design & Mobile section" at HEAJ. I made this website for a oral presentation in english.

Image The creation of a website

Daily UI Challenge

JAN 2019

I challenged myself to create a Daily User Interface for 100 days. In this website, you can find all my achievements about of the Daily UI Challenge.

Image Daily UI Challenge

Send Ton Douiche

APR 2018

Send Ton Douiche is a web application that allows you to find funny and crazy sandwich recipes. This is the social network of the sandwich, you can post selfies with your sandwich and vote for your favorite recipe.

Image Send Ton Douiche

Rwè d'Namur

MAR 2018

A game created with real JSON data on the map of Namur. A game that you are king, you must meet the needs of your nation according to the random events that occur.

Image Rwè d'Namur

Self-portrait Video

JAN 2018

Self-portrait created as part of a multimedia course in the form of a short video. This project is a good way to learn more about me and the Web Design & Mobile section.

Image Rwè d'Namur

Rethinking UX

JAN 2018

This workshop aims to improve and rethink the user experience of an imposed platform functionality. For my team, the service to analyze was Netflix and I chose the evaluation functionality on mobile.

Image Rethinking UX